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26.11.22 - 07.05.23

Charles F Tunnicliffe - Sketchbooks

This exhibition will present a selection from this amazing body of work - judged by many to be one of the artist's finest achievements.

For the first time since acquiring the Charles Tunnicliffe collection in 1981, Oriel Môn presents an exciting selection of his exquisite and rarely seen sketchbooks. In 2017, we received generous funding by the National Manuscript Conservation Trust which allowed us to have the 52 volumes of sketchbooks restored and conserved, which were previously deemed too fragile for display.

Charles Tunnicliffe is considered by many to be the finest wildlife artist of the 20th century, and his work is appreciated on an international level. His exhaustive attention to detail and accuracy is well-known, and his research methods and extensive collection of image reference artwork remain unequalled.

This unique exhibition will allow you to have a closer look at his sketchbooks, which highlight the artist’s talent and ability to work with a wide range of subjects and media. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn how conservator Julian Thomas tackled the enormous task of conserving these precious artistic treasures, providing future generations with inspiration and enjoyment.

26.11.22 - 07.05.23
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