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11.09.21 - 31.10.21

Gilly Thomas and Louise Morgan - Art as Antidote


A joint exhibition by Gilly Thomas & Louise Morgan

Two very different artists who both recognise the singular power of Art to become a kind of saviour, in fact an absolute necessity. Creeping surreptitiously into mental crevices where significances try to hide, Gilly Thomas mines for the elusive imagery that can codify feeling in a visual way.

Sometimes idiosyncratic, sometimes absurd, it has the power to exorcise demons, but also suggests associative interpretations. Cryptic, ironic, and obsessive, these works are given titles that may clarify or misdirect.

Gilly believes that the beholder’s share, which the viewer brings, is vital. Louise Morgan’s paintings and drawings are inspired by Welsh poetry, her wonderment for the landscape and the poignant legacy in the natural environment of a decaying industrial past.

In the studio she then works experimentally and expressively from this passionately observed subject matter, exploiting the myriad possibilities of paint, and inventive mark making using various media. Imbued with the sense of time passing, these powerful works evoke the ghosts of previous generations.