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18.06.22 - 31.07.22

Jenny Holland


Jenny Holland - Gwynedd Grandeur; Brushes with land and sea

Walking Anglesey, the Llyn Peninsula and other beauteous stretches of North Wales, Jenny is as pleased to chance upon a remote homestead as to encounter an iconic landmark. She seems particularly drawn to coastal communities, old harbours and fishing boats.


She often recalls Van Gogh’s advice to fellow artist Emile Bernard to enjoy with your eyes and, indeed, her paintings are joyous celebrations of ‘our cherished landscapes, ever changing and fast disappearing,’ as she says.


Her bold and textural impressionistic style is achieved in oils and acrylics, using brushes and palette knives. This exhibition features 150 precious moments in time, now compellingly immortalised.

Mariangyrys Mill
Porthmadog Four Tiers