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Oriel Kyffin Williams

Oriel Kyffin Williams

The Oriel is very proud to call itself the home of 'Oriel Kyffin Williams', a gallery dedicated to Wales' most well-loved artist, Sir Kyffin Williams who sadly passed away in 2006.

Kyffin Williams generously donated over 400 original works of art to Oriel Môn throughout his life, ranging from sketches to drawings to major oil paintings. This gallery opened its doors to the public in 2008 and since then it has exhibited hundreds of artworks by the artist itself, as well as work by other internationally important artists. There are two exhibitions held here every year, showing works from the Oriel's vast collection as well as works loaned from international institutions and private collections.

The biennial Sir Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize is also held here, a national drawing competition established by the Sir Kyffin Williams Trust as a tribute to the support that Kyffin gave to artists and the value that he placed on drawing skills.

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