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21.02.23 - 18.06.23

Peter Moore

The wild Atlantic edge. A journey down the Western coast of Britain

Jagged coasts and inlets; foaming and surging tides, and sharp mountain peaks at the margin of the sea. These paintings are taken from Peter's sketchbook travels and capture the atmospheric beauty of our Western coasts and mountains. Neolithic tombs; Viking and Celtic place names from Shetland to the Scilly Isles. The dense record of life is scribbled in the margin of the sea.


In 1972 I studied at Newcastle University, Fine Art Department, which led to a BA(hons) Fine Art Degree, and a PGCE from Cardiff University. I moved to North Wales from Cardiff in 1981. I have spent many years walking the coast, and climbing the mountains with sketchbook in hand, and like all artists, tried to find the abstraction that carries the emotive feel. I often paint ‘plein air’ in the summer, making numerous oil and watercolour sketches. My own style has developed into a more abstract method and I use Indian and Acrylic inks to create dark brooding atmospherics echoing the destructive forces of nature. To this end, the perspective is brutalised, my methods harsh, and then softened – a continuous state of flux. Drawings are selected from my numerous sketches, and colour and tone are also memorised, with developed contrasting light and colour, or a monochrome effect. My paintings are subjected in this way to intense experimentation in acrylic inks which are permanent; and inviolate by their nature. My drawings fill twenty or more sketchbooks, therefor drawing and experimenting becomes a way of seeing, an extended visual memory. I teach drawing and painting on at Rowen Memorial Hall in the Conwy Valley, to beginners and the more experienced alike; and in other numerous venues. I have also taught the 'life class' at the RCA. I also demonstrate and lecture to numerous art societies in North Wales, and I have records of drawings and paintings from these groups; as well as my ‘school art’ from Sudan. I have also taught school children from Bethesda making slate sculptures based on the ‘Mabinogion’ in a woodland park in Llanberis. I have also created a WW1 sculpture installation for an RCA ‘open in 2014, and for an Artists for Peace exhibition in Llandudno. I regularly exhibit in the annual RCA ‘open’ and also exhibited in Oriel Môn, Llangefni. I was also Martin Tinney 'Tegfryn Gallery' until it closed in 2020. 

21.02.23 - 18.06.23