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14.09.21 - 13.02.22

Wanda Garner - 'Every Picture Tells a Story'


Exhibition in the Long Gallery of a collection of works by the local artist Wanda Garner

‘Every Picture tells a Story’

Wanda Garner 

Currently completing an MA my work has taken me down many surprising paths and I have enjoyed the diversity and challenges.
What, however, remains at the core of my practice is my interest in narrative and passion for drawing and print, principally; collagraph, drypoint and monoprint.
The circus is a constant source of inspiration and recently I have explored some religious themes.
The pieces chosen for this exhibition all have an underlying story.
The viewer is invited to create their own interpretation.

WG03Sacrificial 2
Wanda Garner Sacrificial II
WG02girl in a hoop
Wanda Garner Girl in a Hoop