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09.01.24 - 07.04.24

Art Studio

This space is an extension of our gift shop, our quarterly micro-exhibitions showcase and promotes the work of four artists who work in various mediums.

Craig Taylor

I am wildlife and landscape artist with a special interest in painting birds and their associated habitats. My interest in bird watching and painting started in childhood and has developed over many years. I spend much of my time in the field, sketching and photographing my subjects to obtain original reference material for my paintings.

Original Artwork

Based on the island of Anglesey I am surrounded by wonderful wildlife and the most amazing landscapes, both of which provide a never-ending source of inspiration for my paintings. I work in a variety of mediums depending on which one I feel best suits the subject - acrylic, watercolour, gouache and oil.

Giclee Prints

I also offer a range of high-quality limited edition Giclee prints of some of my original artworks, and most are supplied with mounts ready for framing.


I also consider commissions based on British wildlife subjects.

A painting of a bird sitting on a branch waiting for its lunch.
Waiting for lunch

Jenny Armour

Working from my studio in Tyn-y-Gongl, Anglesey, I have the ingredients of life on my doorstep – sky, land and sea. The light and lines that these produce are my love and motivation, especially the light. Changing weather, the absolute stillness or the inevitable wind are a challenge to try to capture on paper or on canvas.

Acrylic paint is my favourite medium - I can use very little on a brush like water colour or apply it thickly like oil with a palette knife. It dries quickly forcing me to work at a faster pace but at the same time giving me flexibility to work the paint, to make changes or even to wash it off and start again. Preferring to use a variety of DIY tools rather than brushes I love to experiment trying to create movement, usually sailing boats, sky and sea, and I am always looking at different techniques used by other artists to gain these effects.

As anybody who is self-taught will know, it is sometimes more difficult to assess what it is you are about to paint. If, on occasion, I am painting in a group I often find myself going off at a tangent to try to find what it is I am really looking for. My work at the end of the day rarely looks like everybody else’s and sometimes this is disturbing then other times I feel fortunate to be different.

Perhaps because I am not prohibited by having had a structured art education I don’t feel I have to conform to the rules and theories that I, presumably, would have learned and, inevitably, being the person that I am, would have followed. Whenever my work becomes too tight or too controlled, in any way restricted or confined, I don’t like it and I start again. I enjoy a freedom that I have never known before and because I have the space at my home in which to fulfil this I can express myself every day if I so wish and most days I do.

There is always something within me wanting to escape and every day that I paint I am striving to reproduce what I see and feel. Different times of year affect me greatly and then often I use colours that I feel and do not necessarily see. Some days the light in my studio changes so quickly and this too influences my paintings whether they become more atmospheric or lighter and brighter despite the vision I started off with.

Wherever I travel in the world I am captivated, as are most artists, by the light and its true magic. Being able to lose myself completely when I paint and to try to capture the wonderful feeling that this light gives to us all is my greatest luxury and my love for it will never cease, especially whilst I live here surrounded by such beauty.

I don’t know if I will ever find or be able to recreate what it is that I am searching for but whilst I am trying I like to think that when people take my paintings home with them they take a little bit of me as well as a little bit of Anglesey.

A painting of the sea and sand.
Jenny Armour

Wendy Vidler

I was born and brought up in Bodfari in North Wales, moving to Manchester in my teens. Having spent many years in various places in England I moved back to my beloved Wales in 2013. It's been 10 years in Anglesey and its home in every sense of the word. I take inspiration from the Landscape, Wildlife and People around me and I love using Watercolour, Pastel, Ink. Usually starting my pieces with a pencil sketch and progress from there. This year will be my third taking part in Open Studios and I'm looking forward to meeting more interesting people over Easter this year. I am happy to have visits to the Studio all year round by prior arrangement. 

A painting of pink and yellow tulips waving in the wind.
Wendy Vidler

Anne Snaith

I have always drawn and painted even as a very small child.

After my A levels I completed an Art Foundation at Stockport Technical College and then went on to Manchester Metropolitan University to study for a BA(Hons)  in educational design.

After the birth of my two children, as well as regular commission work, I became much more involved in community art in Cheshire where I lived; running a wide variety of creative community ventures.

These ranged from working with marginalized youngsters to Church and Rotary events and much more in between.

Following a life move to Anglesey in 2010 I founded H 'Artworks Gallery as a creative space where others could find their own unique creative voice. I exhibited my own work and encouraged others to exhibit in my space to promote up and coming new talent. 

My real passion is to allow others to find who they are through my workshops. I have run a large selection of workshops and classes including watercolours, silk painting, silk scarf dyeing, batik, mixed media, glass painting, brusho, pastels, acrylics and water based oils.

Working across the whole public sector including libraries, schools, the WI, Children in Action, Young Carers, the bereaved and the visually impaired,

I have found great joy in enabling others to find the key to their own creativity.


A drawing of a sundial and foxgloves in a garden.
Anne Snaith
09.01.24 - 07.04.24