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Oriel Môn yn ail-agor 18 Mai

Oriel Môn yn ail-agor. Bydd yr Orielau, siop a caffi ar agor o Ddydd Mawrth i Ddydd Sul, 10am i 5pm.


Gellir gweld samplau o uchafbwytiau o’n casgliad isod. ...


Amgueddfa Oriel Ynys Môn


Mae Oriel Môn â siop ble gallwch brynu dewis unigryw o...

Cynllunio eich ymweliad

Bydd Oriel Môn yn ailagor i’r cyhoedd ar dydd Mawrth y...


Mae Café Dewi, Hosbis Dewi Sant yn Oriel Môn yn cynnig...


Dysgu yn Oriel Môn

Formed in 1990 to house the Charles F. Tunnicliffe collection, Oriel Môn is an art gallery and museum at the heart of Anglesey.

Oriel Môn changes lives by caring for, interpreting and promoting Anglesey's unique heritage and culture. It seeks to inspire creativity, and to provide learning opportunities and enjoyment for everyone.

Oriel Môn is now managed by the Isle of Anglesey Council and relies on support from the local authority, the Isle of Anglesey Charitable Trust and the Oriel Môn Trust. Income from sales of art, shop sales , donations and venue hire help support our educational, community engagement, conservation and artistic programmes.